We are a full strategy live agency - we take care of everything that is live. No matter if real or virtual.


FIRMA für den ABLAUF von DINGEN, (german for COMPANY for the FLOW of THINGS; abbreviated: FAD) offers you strategic creation, dramaturgical conception, interaction design and production of live experiences.


Everything you can experience is an event.


Our core competence is the development of innovative event formats. Be it live shows or digital adventures, arena filling concerts or thoughtful encounters in an intimate setting – we always ask ourselves: what will the audience experience?





We develop frameworks for live experiences, the dramaturgical roadmap - be it a major event for thousands of people or a micro-event for a small small target audience. We call this creative logic - and it's best when it convinces people: because the story is conclusive, the experience arises organically from the action and a world of its own arises in the mind of the audience. Scalable and transferable, we develop formats to be more than a blueprint for events - they have to make difference between participating and experiencing.


To experience is a matter of the mind - whether offline or online, digital or analog - it is always about bringing all parts together into a coherent story. This not only applies to theater stages or analogue events, but especially to experiences in virtual space: we stage digital communication and virtual technologies as a place of encounter and experience in real time. For this we have developed staging techniques over the years so that digital is always live in the best sense of the word: a real experience.


The best ideas are just as good as their implementation. We support you in the production of events, shows and interactions.


We understand implementation as LIVE in the truest sense of the word: working, deciding, executing and, above all, interacting in real time. This works best when you have a clear operational strategy.



Florian Neumann


started to conceive and produce artistic and creative projects during his school days. He studied drama, film and media studies and before that he attended the Anton Bruckner Private University when it was still called Conservatory. Before founding FAD, he was, among other things, head of production department and executive producer at LIFE + for Life Ball, as well as creative director at Hallamasch CAE and project manager and chief of staff at PH-PDP. In addition, he regularly advises and supervises pro bono charity projects.


Martina Hundstorfer


studied sport, culture and event management at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences and also completed a master’s degree in environmental and sustainability management at the IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences. Before and during this time, she worked in the live sector and was responsible for event management and omni-channel strategy implementation as a digital communication manager at Erste Bank Austria. After many years at Life Ball, she was most recently Head of Artist Management and a member of the Leading Team.